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Anti-Smoking PSA

rouler par

Anti Smoking Pub, Quiz 5: rouler par

    We dive into toxic chemicals… but don’t worry about those, what about the words “pires” and “rouler par” in the context of this clip? Hear it all and see if you can pick it out. Type in what you hear to our transcription quiz!

    tous les coups

    Anti Smoking Pub, Quiz 4: tous les coups

      Dive into a French language PSA and see how much you can follow. I love this episode as it goes from formal to colloquial. Hear this colloquial bit of French with “les gars:”, “ça marche à tous les coups”, “truc là”, “assez bien”, and “bah rien”. Oh yeah, and a swear, but you probably already know that word. Hear them all and follow along with our quiz of boardroom colloquial French with today’s 4th installment of a PSA!

      se rendre compte

      Anti Smoking Pub, Quiz 3: se rendre compte

      Follow along with the next clip of this French PSA, it’s the pitch of an idea. Can you track all these words in fast spoken French: “des trucs dégueulasses”, “se rendre compte”, “le plus tôt possible”? Follow along with our fill-in-the-blanks transcription quiz perfect for learners at any level, even when the clip is

      sur le dos

      Anti Smoking Pub, Quiz 2: sur le dos

        Hear a bunch of ideas pitched to the boss. Can you follow along? Listen for “on peut pas ?”, “une usine de retraitement”, “la dernière fois”, enfouir discrètement”, “les écolos”, “sur le dos”, & “moins regardant”. Take on today’s quiz and improve your ear with fast spoken French in real life!

        sur les bras

        Anti Smoking Pub, Quiz 1: sur les bras

          Practice your French listening with a PSA about smoking. Whether you agree or not, it’s important to understand PSAs and other announcements in French. What about this one in a business meeting setting? Can you pick up the phrases “fair venir en urgence”, “déchets toxiques”, “sur les bras”, “il faut absolument”, & “et vite”? Take a listen and follow along with our French listening quiz.