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What’s the best French podcast for learners?

There are a lot of podcasts out there.

Most lists online like to focus on podcasts that were made for learners. They are good, but what if you want something that native speakers listen to too?

The best French podcast for you is one that interest you and challenge you at the same time.

Understanding the Pace of French

French is a beautifully rapid language. While English typically unfolds at 150-200 words per minute, French conversations can accelerate to around 300 words per minute. This speed can be daunting, but it’s also an exciting part of mastering the language.

Tailored to Your Learning Needs

No matter your proficiency level, Bitesize French strives to make each podcast accessible and engaging. We utilize short clips coupled with transcription quizzes, allowing you to adjust the difficulty to match your skill level. Listen actively, challenge yourself, and gradually improve your comprehension and fluency.

Our Top Picks for You

Here are some of our favorite French podcasts:


The Balades Podcast

Kids songs and Slower

A1 – A2, no English, meant for kids, average speed: ~100 wpm

tour eiffel

Start slow with Paris o’clock

A1 – B1, no English, male speaker, average speed: ~120 wpm

tout d'abord

Practice with Inner French

A1 – B1, no English, male speaker, average speed: ~125 wpm

ladies on bus laughing, created with dall-e-2

Intermediate listening skills with Passerelles

A1 – B1, no English, female speaker, average speed: ~140 wpm


Challenge yourself with advertisements

B1 – C2, no English, fast & colloquial, average speed: ~180 wpm

Learn with a song

Listen to Vincent Delerm’s “les amants parallèles”. ~79 wpm, pop music with great vocab, imagery, & metaphors in French.

Advanced Listening with Choses à Savoir

B1 – C2, no English, male speaker, average speed: ~210 wpm

jamais le manque

Advanced Listening with Transfert

B1 – C2, no English, multiple speakers, average speed: ~185 wpm

do you remember those spoons that would change color in milk? We do. we miss the good old gifts from cereal boxes.

DALF Prep with Manger

B1 – C2, no English, multiple speakers, average speed: ~215 wpm

Learn with Rap Music

Listen to Aya Nakamura’s “40%”. ~165 wpm, rap music loaded with slang & colloquial expressions.

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