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For Creators

First and foremost, thank you for all that you do. I’m grateful for the opportunity to immerse that your video, audio, or written word allows. For that: Thank you.

A concern we hear from students and creators alike is: what about copyright?

Here’s our stance

We see the site as no different from a teacher using a podcast in their classroom. They use the content to demonstrate how words in French are actually spoken by native speakers. We’re doing the same thing, except for a wider audience.

The wider audience is a benefit to you the creator. While French speakers might know your podcast or work, native English speakers may not. Our site introduces learners to your work, and gives them an opportunity to digest it in bitesize pieces.

Again, thank you.

If you created content on this site and do not want it to be used for learning purposes

please email us and let us know:

Our site wouldn’t be possible without you making the amazing content you create. We are grateful to you for that and hope you will agree to use the content for leaning!

Thank you!