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Let your students understand fast French in real life

Classroom instruction is wonderful for improving understanding of grammar rules, vocab, and nuance. I see nuance as the “how”: how grammar & vocab are used and how it’s different from our known language. One thing I’ve always struggled with from classroom learning is understanding MORE than just my teacher.

The thing that every student of a foreign language needs is more real world practice. This isn’t always easy when we’re in our home country. That’s where this project comes in. Hundreds of clips of spoken French, as it sounds in real life, are available.

For schools that want to give their students more immersive practice, the Bitesize French project can serve as additional content. You can use it in your classroom or offer it as additional practice.

Our Methodology

I watched my own children go from no speech to speaking English and Mandarin. I use their methodology for my own French language learning. The goal is to find interesting content, a native speaker, and fast pace content. By repeating the audio and using “anchor” words, I hope to let learners catch the words that are said between anchor words. And start to hear how words sound. This becomes especially important in a language like French, which moves at a fast clip and has liaisons between words.

This is not the only method for learning a language. It will work best when combined with other tools for vocab and an instructor for grammar. Our goal is that your students understand more than just their teachers. They can dive confidently into conversations using the French they learned with you.

For your school

Get in touch with us to unlock full access for your students. Pricing plans are flexible and start at $40 per student per school year, with more students the price comes down.

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