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Take 1 minute and improve your French listening skills.
Start at any level.

Take today's quiz! Listen to a clip of audio under 1 minute long and fill in the quiz. The transcription quiz checks your answers in real time.

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Our FREE quiz in action. Now try it in French!

walking down the street in Paris, with dall-e2. would you be able to understand the french around you? practice and improve your listening skills with our quizzes updated daily

As if you’re walking down the street in Paris

Immerse in French through snippets of real native speakers.

Hear native speakers in short segments from podcasts, newscasts, songs, and speeches. All designed to challenge your listening skills, at any level.

Have a minute? (seriously, just a minute)

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This is a work in progress. I’m not an educator, I’m not fluent in French (yet). I’m simply very curious. Read on to see: Why short lessons? Can you learn a language this way? What’s next?

read the latest musings from our blog at bitesizefrench. i created this project to improve my French listening skills, read on with how it's helping me and others
say hello and learn about bitesizefrench. inspiration and fun, that's what we're about. read on to learn more

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This is my passion project. It’s free of ads and free to use. Hoping to keep it that way. Here are 4 ways you can support what we’re up to.

This project is just getting started. Anything you do, from sharing the project with others and helping them find fun and ease in their French listening, to supporting in other ways will help this project grow!

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This is just the beginning, let us know if you want to help build the project. Or Send your feedback and say hello. Or show your support and buy us a latte: