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Aya Nakamura

« 40% », Quiz 5: que c’est doux

    Learn French with a song by Aya Nakamura. 29 words in 10 seconds, how much can you understand? Transcribe and test your listening skills with us

    « 40% », Quiz 8: je m’éloigne

      Learn French with a song. This clip from “40%” is 9 seconds long and has 29 words. Listen and transcribe what you can, improve your French listening skills

      do you know how to say I'm going crazy in French? hear it in a song with us

      « 40% », Quiz 9: j’pète les plombs

        Learn French with a song! This clip is 10 seconds long and has 24 words. Listen to Aya Nakamura and practice your French listening with this transcription quiz!

        when you lie like that

        « 40% », Quiz 10: comme ça

          Learn French with a song! This short clip is 6 seconds long and has 13 words. Try our transcription quiz and see if you can hear them all