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fêter sa majorité

Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 18: on fête sa majorité

    Do you know the phrases “je pense à celui” and “fêter sa majorité”? Hear them both in this clip of French in real life. Choose your level and the quiz adjusts to match, fill in the blanks of the transcript while you listen and improve your listening skills with us! Free quizzes added daily, discover hundreds more with a membership.

    moi, je do you know why they use this construction in French me neither, but hear it in this clip from the inner french podcast

    Inner French ep. 001, quiz 30: moi, je

      Improve your French listening skills with this clip from the Inner French podcast. It’s 41 words in 20 seconds. How many can you transcribe? Take our transcription quiz, start at any level!