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145 wpm

même pas

Vivons Heureux Numéro 1, Quiz 16: même pas

    Wish you could understand more than just your teacher? Take on this clip of French in real life to practice your French listening skills. Set your level and fill in the blanks with what you hear.

    m'a donné envie

    Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 80: m’a donné envie

      What about the two phrases: “comme vous pouvez le deviner” and “ça m’a donné envie” – can you hear them both? I think they’re great little bits of French in real life. “Envie” always seems to pop up and from the beginning it has always surprised me. Ready for today’s quiz? Dive in, listen and fill in the blanks of our transcription quiz.

      how would you translate discours into English? Listen to it in this clip from the Manger podcast and improve your French skills

      Manger ep. 1, Quiz 46: discours

        What do you know about the word “discours”? Does it fit with how it’s used in this clip from the Manger podcast? Hear it and complete the transcription quiz from any level. Start here A1 or DALF prep, improve your French listening skills with us!

        improve your french listening by applying what you have learned. do you know how to say "have learned"? hear it in this clip from inner french, start at any level and improve your french listening skills!

        Inner French ep. 001, quiz 54: avez appris

          Start at any level and improve your French listening skills! This clip is from the Inner French podcast, it’s 68 words in 28 seconds, how many can you pick up? Choose how you see the transcript and quiz your listening comprehension to improve!