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Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 52: dont

When it comes to relative pronouns, “dont” might be relatively more difficult. What do you think? Can you use it or do you find a bit of a mixup in your mind? Dive into background and its nuance in today’s quiz. Take a listen and challenge your ear with this unique relative pronouns and other common phrases alike!

on s'intéresse

Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 23: on s’intéresse

    What do “on s’intéresse”, “aux rituels d’anniversaire”, “il y a toute une dimension” mean? Hear them all in this quiz from Passerelles. It’s a short one today, and perfect for any level. Choose how much of the transcript you see and fill in the blanks.

    Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 12: Qu’est-ce que

      How good are you at question words? Hear this short clip and practice using “qu’est-ce que” in a clip of French in real life. Choose your level and fill in the blanks of our transcription quiz.