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Transfert s01e22, Quiz 13: renouveler

Improve your ear for French in real life with today’s clip from Transfert. Can you pick up these words and phrases: “tellement belle”, “renouveler”, and “schéma traditionnel”. Take today’s fill-in-the-blanks listening quiz and practice with fast spoken French in real life.

aren't we all giving into marketing? hear this take in French, with the use of the phrase "willing victim". improve your French listening skills with this clip

Manger ep. 1, Quiz 18: c’est plutôt

Start from any level and improve your French listening skills! Do you know how to say “willing victim” in French? Hear it in this clip from Manger. It’s 25 words in just 8 seconds. How many can you pick up in our transcription quiz?