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une pression

Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 68: une pression

    Do you know the phrases ‘pas grandi,’ ‘une pression,’ and ‘choix de vie’? Today’s moderately-paced clip from ‘Passerelles’ delves into growing up without societal pressure in France. Hear these phrases in context as we explore one person’s unique experience in defying norms and making life choices. Take a listen and fill in what you can as we uncover the subtleties of French culture through the lens of individual freedom.

    À partir de

    Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 29: à partir de

      What do: “Par contre”, “assez récente”, “à partir de” and “s’est répandue” mean? Hear them all and more in this clip of French in real life. Start at any level, choose how much of the transcript you can see and fill in the blanks. Understand more than just your teacher!

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      une série d'actes codifiée transmet quelque chose toujours. a series of codified acts always transmits something.

      Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 14: quelque chose

        Do you know these phrases? “une série d’actes codifiée”, “transmet”, “quelque chose”, & “toujours” Hear them in this clip of French in real life. Choose your level and fill in the blanks of the transcript as you listen. Improve your French listening skills with us one free daily quiz at a time!