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Transfert s01e22, Quiz 68: tellement

    Enhance your French listening skills with this clip of French in real life. While slow paced, this one still has its challenges! Can you understand a regret-full memory of adolescence? Take a listen, start at any level and see how much you can hear! Some phrases that stood out in this clip: “tellement”, “même pas”, & “ton sang”. Set your level and fill in the blanks as you listen!

    ils étaient amoureux

    Transfert s01e22, Quiz 14: ils étaient amoureux

    This was a fun one for me to work through. It has multiple paces throughout and while long has some great expressions. Dive in and see if you hear what I hear… Here are some words and phrases that stood out for me: “ils étaient amoureux”, “ils se câlinaient”, “Je ne peux pas m’en empêcher”, “paf”, and “ça ne le fait pas”.


    Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 59: voire

      What does “voire” mean? And what do the phrases “la plupart”, “ne le sont”, and “parfois” mean in context? Hear them all in today’s clip from the Passerelles podcast. How is your French comprehension going? Don’t miss today’s quiz.