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c’est pas anodin

Vivons Heureux Numéro 1, Quiz 20: c’est pas anodin

    Improve your French listening skills with this clip of French in real life from teh Vivons Heureux podcast. It’s short and extremely fast. How much can you pick up? Take a listen and fill in the blanks with what you hear.

    ça fait 20 ans

    Transfert s01e22, Quiz 43: ça fait 20 ans

      Improve your ear for fast spoken French with these phrases about time: “ça fait 20 ans”, “j’en avais 35”, and “il en avait 27”. How much of this clip can you hear? Set your level and fill in the blanks as you listen. Use French in real life to improve your French understanding!

      Passarelles ep. 1, Quiz 90: propre rythme

      Hear the phrases “parfois”, “propre rythme”, and “à travers” in context. Take on this clip as we nearly finish the first episode of Passarelles. Listen and fill in the blanks as you go.

      en décalage

      Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 48: en décalage

      Listen closely for “et donc”, “parfois”, “en décalage”, & “d’état civil”. Can you hear all these phrases in today’s quiz? Follow along with our fill-in-the-blanks quiz while you listen and improve your listening comprehension. My favorite new phrase is “en décalage”.

      un moment de bascule

      Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 22: un moment de bascule

        What do “j’aime bien”, “un moment de bascule”, “vient de s’écouler”, & “ce jour-là” mean? Hear them all in this dictée from the Passerelles podcast. Start at any level, choose how much of the transcript you can see and fill in the blanks in our transcription quiz.