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Transfert s01e01, Quiz 21: les uns pour les autres

    Boost your French listening skills with this fast clip of French in real life. What have you thought about often? Hear that and other great phrases that caught my eye: “assez souvent”, “on faisait tomber”, “nos petites cellules”, “les uns à côté des autres”, “les uns pour les autres” Set your level and improve your ear for French in the wild!

    c'est rigolo

    Transfert s01e01, Quiz 14: c’est rigolo

      Improve your French listening skills with this clip of fash French in real life. How much can you pick up? I love that it’s got the right amount of colloquial/slang and real grammar. Words that stood out to me: “cool quoi”, “de longues années”, “eux aussi”, “c’est rigolo”, “des vie parallèles”. Set your level and fill in the blanks as you listen.