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Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 26: plutôt

    Are you confident you can use all of these A1 words? Do you know all their meanings in different contexts? Hear these “simple” words along with more challenging vocab in today’s clip. Find words like “À l’origine”, “dans”, “comme”, “plutôt”, and “ou”. Start at any level with our transcription quiz, choose how much of the transcript you can see. Then fill in the blanks to improve your listening skills!

    something, to feel someting. anything. Do you know how to say that in French? Hear it in this clip, and improve your French listening skills at any level

    Inner French ep. 001, quiz 40: quelque chose

      Start at any level and improve your French listening skills with this clip from the Inner French podcast. It’s 61 words in 33 seconds. Take our quiz and hear words in French.