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135 wpm


Transfert s01e22, Quiz 32: bon

    Improve your French listening skills with clips of fast French in real life. Take on this slower clip of French in real life, with all the stops and starts you’d expect. Can you pick up “bon, d’accord” and “on s’organise” in the clip? Listen and fill in the blanks with what you hear!

    en parler autour de vous

    Passarelles ep. 1, Quiz 91: en parler autour de vous

    You may know “voilà” and “comme d’habitude”, but what about “en parler autour de vous” and “mettre une note”? Hear them all in this penultimate quiz from Passarelles ep. 1. Fill in the blanks as you listen and surprise yourself as you listen.


    Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 59: voire

      What does “voire” mean? And what do the phrases “la plupart”, “ne le sont”, and “parfois” mean in context? Hear them all in today’s clip from the Passerelles podcast. How is your French comprehension going? Don’t miss today’s quiz.