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tant que ça

Transfert s01e22, Quiz 105: tant que ça

    Boost your French listening skills with this clip of French in real life. Straight from the Transfert podcast, this one is fast and filled with native turns of phrase: qui’s and que’s and tough pluperfect. Take a listen, set your level and fill in the blanks with what you hear!

    make an entrance, do you know how to say that in French? hear it in this clip from the Manger podcast!

    Manger ep. 1, Quiz 41: fait son entrée

      “a fait son entrée” do you know what that means in French? Hear it in this clip from the Manger podcast. Start from any level and fill in our transcription quiz while you listen to this short clip. Find hundreds of audio exercises and new quizzes daily!

      forget the car take the bus and train in cote d'azur, hear how it went in this podcast snippet in French and learn the language

      Balades ep. 3, quiz 17: donc

        Improve your ear for French with this clip from the Balades podcast, one of the best for beginners. It’s 19 words in 7 seconds, how many can you hear?

        Balades ep. 1, Quiz 35: une fois que

          Learn French with a podcast! This clip from Balades is 7 seconds long and has 19 words. Try our transcription quiz and test your French listening comprehension!

          an urge to clean up or the need to clean up either way le besoin de rangement might take over

          Balades ep. 1, Quiz 8: le besoin de

            Learn French with this clip form Balades episode 1! It’s 7 seconds long and has 19 words. How many can you hear and transcribe? Try it today!