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Balades ep. 1, Quiz 8: le besoin de

    Learn French with this clip form Balades episode 1! It’s 7 seconds long and has 19 words. How many can you hear and transcribe? Try it today!

    Learn French with a podcast snippet! This clip is from Balades Episode 1. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Find the full podcast here.

    7 seconds, 19 words

    Why this clip from Balades?

    Hopefully you’ve caught on that I’m working through this episode. Now that I’m almost a quarter of the way through it there’s no stopping. I said I was impatient, but maybe not so much?

    I chose the title because the expression enchants me. Have the feeling to… It’s got that out of your control urge kind of feel, and the way it sounds when Isabelle says it is wonderful.

    Also, this block is short, but I found myself having to check multiple words – almost every other word in the snippet. That makes hearing the words in the sentence much more challenging. How about you, did you know all the words?

    The last thing I do at the end of the year is clean. I’m using too busy buying stuff. That would be an interesting habit to start: an end of the year purge. Here in Taiwan, if I’m going to generalize, the urge comes before Chinese New Year. And I always grew up in the States with spring cleaning in around April.

    How much of this snippet are you understanding?
    Can you only hear the articles or are you catching keywords?

    There’s absolutely no way that I could get through an entire podcast in French without melting my brain, that’s why I broke it up into snippets like this. Join me for the next snippet.

    The snippet in English

    Find a translation of this snippet here, how much of this did you hear?

    Par contre, comme chaque année, dès que les fêtes sont passées, je ressens le besoin de faire du rangement.

    On the other hand, like every year, as soon as the holidays are over, I feel the need to tidy up.

    The above text courtesy of Google Translate. Source

    What does “le besoin de” mean in French?

    “Le besoin de” is a French phrase that means “the need for” in English. It is used to express the idea that someone has a requirement or a requirement for something. The phrase “le besoin de” is usually followed by a noun or an infinitive verb.


    “Il a le besoin de manger régulièrement” (He has the need to eat regularly)

    “Il y a un besoin de changement dans cette entreprise” (There is a need for change in this company)

    “Il y a un besoin de plus d’éducation sur la santé mentale” (There is a need for more education on mental health)

    In general, the phrase “le besoin de” is used to express the idea that someone has a requirement or a requirement for something. It is commonly used in French to indicate that something is necessary or important and that there is a need for it.

    Keywords from the snippet?

    Find keywords for this snippet below, sourced from

    chaque – each or every \ʃak\ source

    dès – immédiatement as soon as source

    les fêtes – the holidays \fɛt\ source

    ressens – ressentir to feel source

    le besoin – the lack of something necessary, the need. source

    rangement – clean up source

    What did you love about this clip?

    Comment below with your feedback! How did you like this snippet? Send a note or leave a comment below. We appreciate your feedback. Also, we’re always looking for partners to build this site and the content on site.

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