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qui date de

Transfert s01e01, Quiz 10: qui date de

    Enhance your French listening skills with a clip of French in real life. This clip comes straight from the Transfert podcast. Set your level and fill in the blanks as you listen. These words stood out to me: “donc”, “qui date de”, “dans lequel”, and “en couple à l’époque”. Can you catch them all? Take on today’s quiz.


    Transfert s01e22, Quiz 103: tel

      Improve your ear for fast spoken French with this clip of the Transfert podcast. Set your level and fill in the blanks with what you hear as you listen! Listen and pick up more than you thought you could! Some words that stood out in this clip: “de temps en temps”, “ça l’aurait pas fait”, “m’avoir privé”, “tel”, and “tellement”. Take a listen and practice today!

      en bons termes

      Transfert s01e22, Quiz 24: en bons termes

        Dive into a whirlwind of past romances with this fun French podcast snippet from Transfert s01ep22! 🎢💔 From breezy goodbyes to tricky farewells, uncover what “je suis restée en bons termes” really means and boost your French flair! 🇫🇷✨ Catch the clip here and fill in what you hear in our transcription quiz!

        do you know how to say "by the way" in French? or at least one of the ways. Hear it in this clip from the Manger podcast, start at any level with our listening practice tool!

        Manger ep. 1, Quiz 10: d’ailleurs

          Start at any level and improve your French listening skills. Whether A1 or C1 DELF prepper, we’ve got you covered. Choose how much of the transcript you can see and fill int he rest! This clip from Manger is 25 words in 9 seconds.