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235 wpm

American breakfast crusade, what are they talking about in this fast clip from manger? hear it all and improve your listening skills

Manger ep. 1, Quiz 45: mais que nenni

    This is French in real life. Hear “sauf”, “en pleine croisade”, “que nenni”, and “ben nous” in one clip just 15 seconds long. Can you hear and understand them all? Start at any level and improve your listening skills. Listen with us whether you’re prepping for the DALF or just starting at A1.

    hear about the heartland of America and wheat. what can you hear? start at any level and improve your Frenhc listening skills with our transcription quiz

    Manger ep. 1, Quiz 28: sur lequel ben

      Do you know how to use “sur lequel ben”? A1 beginner or prepping for the DALF, start here with this clip. Fill in the transcript for with what you hear. Get your answers checked in real time.