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294 wpm

can the cereal aisle and boxes be more visually appealing than the cereals themselves? maybe for some, hear more in this clip from manger, start at any level and improve your French listening skills!

Manger ep. 1, Quiz 20: et là

    Start from any level and improve your French listening skills. This clip from Manger has some really tricky colloquial expressions said at one of the fastest speeds on site. Have no fear if you’re a beginner, still worth a try!

    What do you hear in this clip? It's nearly 300 words per minute, about a man's quest for cereal as he phones friends in the states. It's loaded with popular colloquial expressions

    Manger ep. 1, Quiz 14: mais vas-y

    This clip is 49 words in just 10 seconds, nearly 300wpm. What can you hear? Try it at any level with our transcription quiz. A man’s calls to friends in the states for popular cereal options. It’s loaded with popular French colloquial expressions, test what you can hear from any level, beginner to advanced!