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39 words

je les amène

Vivons Heureux Numéro 1, Quiz 21: je les amène

    Understand more than just your French teacher! Set your level and fill in the blanks of this quiz. Practice your French listening skills with this clip of French in real life! How much can you pick up?

    on va faire Noël

    Transfert s01e22, Quiz 46: on va faire Noël

      Take on this clip from Transfert. Hear words referring to Christmas “on va faire Noël” and “chez”. How much of this clip can you pick up? Take on our listening practice, fill in the blanks with what you hear and improve your French listening comprehension!

      un bout de

      Transfert s01e22, quiz 8: un bout de

        Take on today’s clip introducing this next podcast episode from Transfert. Do you know all these phrases? “quelqu’un à qui”, “la moitié de sa vie”, “un bout de”, & “infiniment”, hear them all in today’s quiz. Fill in the blanks as you listen and improve your ear for French.

        tu fais pas ton âge

        Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 55: en tout cas

          Ever been told ‘en tout cas’ and pondered its depth? It adds a layer of ‘in any case’ or ‘anyhow’ to the conversation. Dive deeper as it’s used in the context of ‘tu fais pas ton âge’, where someone appears younger than their age. Understanding such nuances helps us grasp the beauty of the French language. Listen and learn!

          est-ce que

          Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 44: est-ce que

            Do you remember “le bilan” as in “Le bilan de sa vie”? Hear it again here. Along with everyone’s favorite question word. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate learner, test your ear with today’s quiz. Level up from any level, listen and fill-in-the-blanks as you go.

            autrement dit

            Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 20: autrement dit

              What do “un rite d’intercession”, “qu’est-ce que”, “autrement dit” and “tout simplement” mean? Hear them all in this clip of French in real life. How much can you hear in today’s clip? Set your level and fill in the blanks in our transcription quiz.


              Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 3: assez

              Do you know what “assez” means? How about in its idiomatic uses? Hear it in this clip of French from the podcast Passerelles. Start at any level and improve your French listening. Choose how much of the transcript you can see and fill in the blanks as you listen!

              coffee usual

              Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 1: comme d’habitude

                Slow it down now. It’s not all just super fast French, this clip from Passarelles podcast is built for learners. Improve your French listening comprehension with our transcription quiz. Choose your level and fill in the blanks as you listen.