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Paris o’clock 042920 Quiz 4: ne vous inquiétez pas!

    Don’t worry, it takes time. Test your ear for French and improve with this snippet from the Paris o’clock podcast. 49 words in 20 seconds, how many can you understand?

    Learn French with a podcast! This clip is from Paris o’clock 29 April 2020 Episode. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Find the full episode here.

    20 seconds, 49 words
    - ? - ? ! ,.
    -avezdesdifficultésàcomprendre ? -avezpourrezjamaislescomprendre ? inquiétez ! Sivoustravaillezrégulièrement,etceserade.
    -avezdesdifficultésàcomprendrelesFrançaisquandilsparlent ? -avezl’impressionquevousnepourrezjamaislescomprendre ? inquiétez ! Sivoustravaillezrégulièrementvotrefrançais,vousallezprogresseretceserade.

    The above audio sample and transcription is from Paris o’clock Podcast 29 Apr 2020 Episode. We do not own this content, nor do we pretend to own it. The above is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Register on Paris o’clock site to read the full text and hear the full audio.

    Don’t worry!

    This is exactly why I’m here doing this. I’m hoping it gets easier and easier, and that I understand more and more.

    It takes some work. Are you joining me on this challenge – 30 posts in 30 days to see how we improve our French? Let me know how you’re getting.

    Until I’m fluent, I’ll just keep telling myself not to worry. It’s all we can do.

    What would you do differently? Need more? Come back tomorrow for another new post, or browse our archives for other podcasts, snippets of the news, and music. We’re slowly growing the lessons on site.

    How did you find this snippet? It’s still a bitesize one, I’ll do some longer segments soon. Is there anything you’d change or add? Please let me know.

    The snippet in English

    Find a translation of this snippet here, how much of this did you hear?

    Est-ce que vous avez des difficultés à comprendre les Français quand ils parlent ? Est-ce que vous avez l’impression que vous ne pourrez jamais les comprendre ? Ne vous inquiétez pas ! Si vous travaillez régulièrement votre français, vous allez progresser et ce sera de plus en plus facile.

    Do you have difficulty understanding French people when they speak? Do you feel like you will never be able to understand them? Don’t worry! If you practice your French regularly, you will progress and it will be easier and easier.

    The above text translated using Google Translate. Translation Link. The content in French is courtesy of Paris o’clock.

    What does “ne vous inquiétez pas” mean?

    “Ne vous inquiétez pas!” is a French phrase that can be translated to “Don’t worry!” or “Don’t be worried!” in English.

    It is an idiomatic expression that is used to reassure or comfort someone who is worried or concerned about something. The pronoun “vous” is the formal form of “you” and “inquiétez” is the second person plural form of the verb “inquiéter” which means “to worry” or “to concern” Together, the phrase “Ne vous inquiétez pas!” implies that the speaker is telling the person they are addressing not to worry, not to be concerned about something, it’s a way of giving reassurance and comfort.

    It is a standard French phrase, it’s not a colloquial or informal way of speaking, it’s a way of giving reassurance and comfort to someone who is worried or concerned about something.

    What words did I look up in this snippet?

    Find keywords for this snippet below

    vous ne pourrez



    plus en plus

    What did you love about this?

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