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Congratulations and thank you for joining Bitesize French. Let’s dive into some content:

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We’ve organized hundreds of audio clips on site by their speed in words per minute. French advertisements and news broadcasts are often 200+ words per minute. (Fast English speech is typically 160 words per minute!) Read more here. Find French clips that meet the challenge you need:

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The Balades Podcast

A1 – B2, no English, female speaker, average speed: ~150wpm



B1 – C2, no English, colloquial, average speed: ~180 wpm

Kids songs and Slower

A1 – B1, no English, average speed: ~100 wpm

do you remember those spoons that would change color in milk? We do. we miss the good old gifts from cereal boxes.

DALF Prep with Manger

B1 – C2, no English, average speed: 200+ wpm

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A cleaner interface for this is coming soon…