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126 wpm

tout le monde

Transfert s01e22, Quiz 66: tout le monde

    Boost your French listening skills with us! Start at any level, take a listen and fill in as many blanks as you can. This is how you improve your ear for fast spoken French! Phrases that stuck out to me in this clip: “il s’effondre”, “tout le monde”, “autour de nous”, “a menti”, and “personne ne”. Set your level and take a listen!

    Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 58: nous ramène

      What does “nous ramène” mean? How about “Après”, “évidemment”, “assez méconnues” and “de nombreuses”. Practice our accents on e’s in today’s clip and improve your ear for spoken French. While moderately fast, it’s still a challenge.

      Inner French ep. 001, quiz 24: quasiment

        Improve your French listening skills with this clip from the Inner French podcast. It’s 61 words in 29 seconds. How many can you fill in on our transcription quiz?

        well rather the garden take a walk in the backyard with this clip from balades

        Balades ep. 1, Quiz 6: well rather

          Learn French with Balades Ep. 1, this clip is 10 seconds long and has 21 words. Listen and transcribe what you hear. Start now, practice your listening skills!