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un tournant dans la vie

Passarelles ep. 1, Quiz 69: un tournant dans la vie

Ever thought of birthdays as existential crossroads? Learn the meaning behind phrases like ‘peut être,’ ‘parfois,’ and ‘un tournant dans la vie’ in this 29-word clip from ‘Passerelles.’ What’s opening up for you in this clip? Dive in, hear these phrases in context, and fill in the blanks as we explore the depth behind celebrations in French culture.

ça veut pas dire que

Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 67: ça veut pas dire que

    In just 29 words, this clip from ‘Passerelles’ navigates the delicate balance between individual desires and societal expectations. What do phrases like ‘pas vécu,’ ‘-là,’ ‘ça veut pas dire que,’ and ‘liées’ reveal about this tension? Join us as we unpack these French nuances that make all the difference.

    crise de la quarantine

    Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 56: crise de la quarantaine

      Do you know how to say “midlife crisis” in French? I love that their way implies it might not just be a once and done thing, maybe you have it every decade! Dive into that phrase and “autour de”, “il existe plein”, & “notamment”. Hear them all in this moderately fast clip from Passerelles!

      do you know how to say profession in French? hear it in this clip from Inner French podcast, start here from any level and improve your French listening skills

      Inner French ep. 001, quiz 57: mon métier

        Start from any level and improve your French listening skills. This clip is from the Inner French podcast, it’s 58 words in 26 seconds. Choose how much of the transcript you see and fill in the rest!