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31 words

sur papier

Transfert s01e22, Quiz 82: sur papier

    Improve your ear for French in real life. Sometimes it slows way down. Take a listen to this description of a beau. Can you follow along with it all? Choose your level and fill in the blanks as you listen!

    vieux jeu photo

    Transfert s01e22, Quiz 69: vieux jeu

      Improve your ear for spoken French with this clip. It’s a slower one, but still filled with some great expressions. Can you hear: “m’ennuie”, “fait paraître”, and “vieux jeu”? Set your level and fill in the blanks of our transcription quiz as you listen!

      on a juste ajouté

      Passarelles ep. 1, Quiz 86: on a juste ajouté

        Can you pick up all these phrases in today’s quiz? “Au final”, “jusqu’à nos jours”, “a juste ajouté”, “un petit détail”. Also, I love that deepl translates “mais on a just ajouté un petit détail” as “but with a twist”. Sometimes translations can get creative, it kind of works here. Take a listen and see…

        on va s'arrêter sur

        Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 79: on va s’arrêter sur

          Discover the layers of meaning with “on va s’arrêter sur” and the depth behind “En plus du”. Dive deep into the tradition and dual sense of “souffler ses bougies”. And did you know these idioms are all used in “le français familier”? Join us in today’s quiz to uncover the beauty of these expressions in everyday French.

          à la fois

          Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 78: à la fois

            Catch a glimpse of how “L’âge désigne un temps écoulé” intertwines with the intricate layers of time. Delve deep into expressions like “à la fois” and let “qu’on m’a posée” stir a moment of introspection. Take today’s quiz, fill in the blanks as you follow along.

            des âges de la vie

            Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 71: des âges de la vie

              Dive into the following phrases between 31 words: “psychologie des âges de la vie”, “plusieurs”, and “notamment”. Listen in and fill in the blanks with the quiz. This moderately paced clip is perfect for beginners. Challenge your listening skills at any level and see how many times you have to relisten.

              et vous, vous vous

              Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 40: et vous, vous vous

              Slow it back down with today’s clip. Can you hear all these phrases we’ve marked? “Et vous, vous vous”, “pour revenir”, “ce jour-là”, and “également” Listen to the clip, fill in the blanks, and improve your French listening skills with us!

              à travers

              Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 17: à travers

                Do you know the phrases “à travers”, “selon” and “les étapes de la vie” ? Hear them in this clip of French in real life. A short clip of French, choose your level and fill in the blanks of the transcript while you listen. Improve your listening skills with real French.

                it's been a while

                Passerelles ep. 1, Quiz 7: ça fait un moment

                  Do you know what “ça fait un moment” means? Hear it in this clip of French in real life. This pace is good for learners. Use our transcription quiz (choose how much you see and fill in the blanks!) to improve your ear for French at any level.