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Paris o’clock 042920 Quiz 2: je suis persuadée

Learn French with this snippet from the podcast Paris o’clock. I’m convinced, too. It’s mostly culture. Grammar and vocab follows second.

Learn French with a podcast! This clip is from Paris o’clock 29 April 2020 Episode. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Find the full episode here.

15 seconds, 29 words
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principalementliésparcequepersuadée 'apprendre,ce 'seulement.
nousparlonsprincipalementsujetsliésparcequesuispersuadée qu'apprendre,ce n'estseulementétudiergrammairevocabulaire.

The above audio sample and transcription is from Paris o’clock Podcast 29 Apr 2020 Episode. We do not own this content, nor do we pretend to own it. The above is for educational purposes only. Register on Paris o’clock site to read the full text and hear the full audio.

I’m convinced.

Just like Aurélie, I’m convinced that learning the language is about more than learning grammar and rules.

Well, it’s about that a little bit. But, what’s the point of learning a language? Communicating. Yes, you need to be correct to be understood, but you also need to know how to connect – and that’s about culture.

There are any number of episodes from Paris o’clock. I chose this one because I love the subject matter. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we can get to that, we need to work through this intro sentence.

Why do we learn French? I don’t know what drives you. For me, it’s all about the culture. Being able to communicate, understand, blend in, and joke with the people in France. That’s what being fluent, for me, is all about.

How did you find this snippet? It’s a real bitesize one, I’ll do some longer segments soon. Is there anything you’d change or add? Let me know.

The snippet in English

Find a translation of this snippet here, how much of this did you hear?

Ici nous parlons principalement de sujets liés à la culture française parce que je suis persuadée qu’apprendre une langue, ce n’est pas seulement étudier la grammaire et le vocabulaire.

Here we mainly talk about topics related to French culture because I am convinced that learning a language is not just about studying grammar and vocabulary.

The above text translated using Google Translate. Translation Link. The content in French is courtesy of Paris o’clock.

What does “je suis persuadée” mean?

“Je suis persuadée” is a French phrase that can be translated to “I am convinced” or “I am persuaded” in English.

It is a way of expressing one’s strong belief or conviction in something. The pronoun “Je” is the first person singular form of the subject pronoun and means “I”, the verb “suis” is the first person singular form of the verb “être” (to be) and “persuadée” is the past participle of the verb “persuader” which means “to convince” or “to persuade”. Together, the phrase “Je suis persuadée” implies that the speaker is expressing that they are convinced or persuaded of something.

It is a standard French phrase, it’s not a colloquial or informal way of speaking, it’s a way of expressing one’s strong belief or conviction in something.

What words did I look up in this snippet?

Find keywords for this snippet below

principalement de

sujets liés

je suis persuadée

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2 thoughts on “Paris o’clock 042920 Quiz 2: je suis persuadée”

  1. I’m a fellow A1 Duolingo learner and I think you’ve saved me! I’ve been so stuck on how to get listening comprehension improved, ‘just listen to podcasts’ is way too advanced for where I’m at. These snippets on repeat are fantastic, I’m not able to translate directly from hearing yet but reading along with both the French and the English over and over I can link what I know to the words I’m hearing. Thanks for all the hard work!

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