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Paris o’clock 042920 Quiz 31: traverser l’Atlantique

    Improve your ear for French with this snippet from the podcast Paris o’clock. It’s 36 words in 22 seconds. How many can you hear and understand? The best way to improve your French listening comprehension is here. Join us

    Learn French with a podcast! This clip is from Paris o’clock 29 April 2020 Episode. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Find the full episode here.

    22 seconds, 36 words
    ',.,, '.
    ',.,DurantRuel,vendeurattitréMonetdécide 'exposerimpressionnistes.
    'déjàdit,Monetpassepartiedevie.,DurantRuel,vendeurattitréMonetdécidedetraverser 'Atlantiqueexposertableauximpressionnistes.

    The above audio sample and transcription is from Paris o’clock Podcast 29 Apr 2020 Episode. We do not own this content, nor do we pretend to own it. The above is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Register on Paris o’clock site to read the full text and hear the full audio.

    Cross the Atlantic

    Pretty unbelievable to have people who believe in you. Who will in 1886 board a ship with your work and sail across an ocean.

    Of course, they’re obviously expecting to get something out of it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be sticking their necks out for you. But it’s still your work, your creation, that they are taking with them. They believe in you, even if it is for their own benefit.

    There’s something truly remarkable about that. About being so inspiring that others will take a risk, a flier, on what you’ve created.

    I may not be there yet, but we have a lot in store here that is going to improve the site, and your French.

    I start my lessons at Alliance Française on Monday. Looking forward to it. And nervous. Nervous for how much I’ll be able to bend my brain and learn in the few short weeks I’ll be studying. Well, as I don’t have my own Durant Ruel who’s going to cross the Atlantic, I’ll wish myself bonne chance.

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    Comme nous l’avons déjà dit, Monet passe une grande partie de sa vie sans argent.

    En 1886, Durant Ruel, le vendeur attitré de Monet décide de traverser l’Atlantique pour exposer les tableaux des impressionnistes en Amérique.

    As we have already said, Monet spent a large part of his life without money.

    In 1886, Durant Ruel, Monet’s official seller, decided to cross the Atlantic to exhibit the paintings of the Impressionists in America.

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    le vendeur attitré

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