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Paris o’clock 042920 Quiz 33: à différents moments de la journée

    Learn French with a podcast! This clip is from Paris o’clock 29 April 2020 Episode. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Find the full episode here.

    20 seconds, 42 words

    The above audio sample and transcription is from Paris o’clock Podcast 29 Apr 2020 Episode. We do not own this content, nor do we pretend to own it. The above is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Register on Paris o’clock site to read the full text and hear the full audio.

    At different times of the day

    Something so simple. Getting present to the changes in the light. I wonder… Maybe before all our smart devices, the Internet, TV; before all of that, at the end of the 19th century people still weren’t present to the changes. We just think now that “oh back in the day”. But really, back in the day they had their new distractions already distracting them.

    So much so, that an artist could disrupt the world of art by painting the light. Not the shadows. And the changes of the light in a city. In something that thousands of people walk past throughout the day.

    We like to believe that we’re distracted by our devices and the news cycle and whatever other excuse we have. But maybe, maybe we’re distracted because we’re human. And that’s never changed.

    Leave it to the artists to show us how distracted we are and point things out.

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    Il commence alors à faire des séries de peintures. Il peint le même sujet à différents moments de la journée, pour montrer les différences de lumière.

    Par exemple, il peint plusieurs fois la cathédrale de Rouen, à différents moments de la journée.

    He then began to make series of paintings. He paints the same subject at different times of the day, to show the differences in light.

    For example, he painted Rouen Cathedral several times, at different times of the day.

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    plusieurs fois

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