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Un Deux Trois Quatre Kids Song, Quiz 2: a partager avec toi

Improve your French listening comprehension with this clip from a kids song! It’s 50 words in 26 seconds, how many can you hear and understand?

Learn French with a kids song snippet! This clip is from the song “Un deux trois quatre (Chanson)” by Anny and Jean-Marc Versini. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Find the full song here.

26 seconds, 50 words
'// '// '// '/ '/// '/ '
'abricots/mangerai/ '// '/demain/ '/ '/// '/ '
J'aiabricots/mangeraibientôt/ J'ai// J'ai/legoûterdemain/ J'aigrosbonbons/ m'adonnéstonton///saiscompter '/saiscompter '

The above audio sample and transcription is from “Un deux trois quatre (Chanson)” by Anny and Jean-Marc Versini. We do not own the content. Listen to the full song here.

To share with you

Continuing with this song, hopefully you can see why I shared it with you? And if you don’t believe me about all the verbs, there’s present, future, and past in this verse. Plus the simple counting. And multiple object constructions. So yeah, chock full of grammar, even though it’s for kids. You’re welcome.

Seriously though, I’ve got to build up my foundation to work on to some other podcasts. Some of them are tough, and I’d love to do more with Manger and Transfert, two that I’m most interested in. But they are quite challenging for me.

It’s not just their speed, it’s the way words continuously flow together. Even a word like “enfants” is lost to me. I just went and did that episode of Transfert. Yeah. It’s way harder than this kid’s song, but let’s work up to it, together. We’ll have harder stuff coming soon.

How are you finding it?

The snippet in English

Find a translation of this snippet here, how much of this did you hear?

J’ai cinq abricots
Que je mangerai bientôt
J’ai six chocolats
A partager avec toi
J’ai sept petits pains
pour le goûter de demain
J’ai huit gros bonbons
Que m’a donnés mon tonton
Un deux trois quatre
Cinq six sept huit
Je sais compter jusqu’à huit
Je sais compter jusqu’à huit

I have five apricots
That I will eat soon
I have six chocolates
To share with you
I have seven buns
For tomorrow’s snack
I’ve got eight big candies
That my uncle gave me
One two three four
Five six seven eight
I can count to eight
I can count to eight

English translation by Deepl. Check it.

What words did you look up in this snippet?

petits pains (just to see it’s a word, not just “little bread”)

m’a donnés

What did you love about this?

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