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Balades ep. 2, Quiz 9: Là maintenant

    Improve your ear for French with a snippet from the Balades podcast. This clip is 56 words in 23 seconds. How many can you hear and understand?

    Learn French with a podcast snippet! This clip is from Balades Episode 2. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Find the full podcast here.

    22 seconds, 56 words
    .., '., ',.
    Bretagne.parleraiquelquesBretagneoccasion., 'aimerais., ',.
    Bretagneàoffrirque.vousparleraiquelquessitestouristiquesBretagneàoccasion., j'aimeraisracontertouteBretagne.quelquesannées,nos d'été,nousavionsdécidédedécouvrirenfinrégion.

    The above audio sample and transcription is from Balades ep. 2. We do not own the content. Listen to the entire episode here.

    Right now…

    I’m sitting in this hotel room. My wife and daughter went to swim to tire her out. Taipei thrives 14 floors below me. I’m up here with my son sound asleep. Practicing my French and trying to find words in this snippet.

    A few years ago, I wasn’t even thinking of learning French. Well that’s not true, exactly. I’ve wanted to speak French since I was a kid. Just always put it off. For some reason. Until now. I’m biting off as much as I can trying to learn.

    I dream of a time when I’ll be in France speaking like a local. Blending in seamlessly to any conversation. That’s the goal that I have for me on this site.

    What’s your goal right now?

    And, oh yeah, how did you find this snippet?

    The snippet in English

    Find a translation of this snippet here, how much of this did you hear?

    Et la Bretagne a autre chose à offrir que des crêpes.

    Je vous parlerai de quelques sites touristiques de la Bretagne à une autre occasion.

    Là maintenant, j’aimerais vous raconter ma toute première nuit en Bretagne.

    Il y a quelques années, pour nos vacances d’été en famille, nous avions décidé de découvrir enfin cette région.

    And Brittany has more to offer than just crepes.

    I will tell you about some of the tourist sites of Brittany on another occasion.

    Right now, I’d like to tell you about my very first night in Brittany.

    A few years ago, for our family summer vacation, we decided to finally discover this region.

    The above translation from Deepl. Source

    What words did I look up in this snippet?

    Find keywords for this snippet below

    Là maintenant

    Il y a quelques années

    comme cela

    What did you love about this?

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