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Choses a Savoir 06 Jul 2021, Quiz 7: phénomène intéressant

    Improve your French listening comprehension with this clip from Choses a Savoir podcast. It’s 67 words in 20 seconds. How many can you hear? Improve your ear for French with our daily transcription quizzes.

    This clip is from Choses a Savoir (06 Jul 2021). Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Listen to the full episode here.

    20 seconds, 67 words

    Press play and take the transcription quiz to practice your French listening comprehension.
    (You can use the ⋮ to adjust playback speed)

    ,,, '.. '..
    ,phénomène,,sentimentrepos 'diminuerrapidement.veutdire. '.scientifiquesallésmisenlumièreaprioriénigmatique.
    ,phénomèneintéressant,àpartirjours,sentimentreposcorps l'espritcommencediminuerrapidement.celaveutdirequesereposertroplongtempsfiniparfatiguer.corps l'esprit.scientifiquessontmêmeallésloinontmisenlumièrelarègleaprioriénigmatiquedes.

    The above audio sample and transcription is from Choses a Savoir (06 Jul 2021). We do not own the content. Listen to the entire episode here.

    an interesting phenomenon

    I had to choose this expression. I didn’t know this expression, never seen it before, but a quick search on Linguee, shows it appearing a across Francophone sites.

    I’m not sure if it counts as oral French, but here it shows up in this podcast (find the first quiz here) which I like to think of as people chatting in a bar.

    An interesting phenomenon today, I heard some people speaking French, and it was the Spaniard (or the person with the Spanish accent) speaking French who I understood clearest. The two French people, less so. Does that ever happen to you? I found it an interesting phenomenon, I suppose. With Chinese, it’s the other way around. I find it much harder to understand foreigners, and much easier to understand native speakers. Children, forget it. I can’t understand children in any language.

    I also love the expression “mis en lumière” [as an idiom “brought to light”(?) or “clarified” or “illuminated”] in this snippet. But I’m not going to write about it. Just thought I’d share. Good word.

    You can find yesterday’s quiz here.

    That’s my hunch at least. And I am biased, I made this afterall. I think I’m right though, because I’m definitely hearing words on a couple of listens that I couldn’t hear before. That were just a wash in the audio. And that is progress.

    This is a longer clip. And it’s fast paced. Find yesterday’s quiz here.

    How did you find this snippet?

    The snippet in English

    Find a translation of this snippet here, how much of this did you hear?

    Mais, phénomène intéressant, à partir des 8 à 11 jours, le sentiment de repos du corps et de l’esprit commence à diminuer très rapidement. Donc cela veut dire que se reposer trop longtemps fini par fatiguer le corps. Le corps et l’esprit. Et les scientifiques allemands sont même allés plus loin et ont mis en lumière la règle a priori énigmatique des 8 – 1 – 5.

    But, interestingly, after 8 to 11 days, the feeling of rest of the body and mind starts to decrease very quickly. So that means that resting too long ends up tiring the body. The body and the mind. And the German scientists went even further and brought to light the a priori enigmatic rule of 8 – 1 – 5.

    The above translation from Deepl. Source

    What words did I look up in this snippet?

    Find keywords for this snippet below

    phénomène intéressant

    à partir


    veut dire que

    plus loin

    mis en lumière

    la règle

    a priori



    veut dire

    What did you love about this?

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