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SNCF Pour Nous Tous, Quiz 3: comme aucun autre

    Improve your ear for French with this snippet from the advert Pour Nous Tous. It’s 19 words in 8 seconds. How many can you hear and understand? Improve your French listening comprehension with us.

    This clip is from SNCF advert “Pour Nous Tous”. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Listen to the full ad here.

    8 seconds, 19 words

    The above audio sample and transcription is from SNCF advert “Pour Nous Tous”. We do not own the content. See the full ad here.

    Like no other

    I found this ad on Youtube and wanted to share it. It’s like spoken word set to train track beat talking about the French. An interesting take as a learner looking to dive into the culture.

    Here’s another one which may need (a lot) more cultural context. Or I might be reading too much into it?

    I don’t understand “comme aucun autre” when spoken, but I love the expression in English. So I wanted to highlight it here. And I’m listening to it in this snippet thinking of how I could say it and use it in French.

    Also the word choice in this snippet has got to be intentional, right? “parés du plus bel apparat.” and “Sapés trop stylé”. These aren’t words you’ll learn in French A1-1 that’s for sure. How are you getting on?

    Here’s the full ad for your reference, but follow along over the coming “lessons” as we dive into it.

    How did you find this snippet?

    The snippet in English

    Find a translation of this snippet here, how much of this did you hear?

    Elégant comme aucun autre, parés du plus bel apparat. Sapés trop stylé et défiler au Grand Palais.

    Elegant like no other, adorned with the finest pageantry. Dressed too stylishly and strutting at the Grand Palais.

    The above translation from Deepl. Source

    What words did I look up in this snippet?

    Find keywords for this snippet below

    comme aucun autre



    la fleur au fusil


    What did you love about this?

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