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Accelerate Your French Learning with Podcasts

    Learning any language can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be painful! Using podcasts to supplement your learning is an excellent way to speed up the process. Particularly for learning French, podcasts allow you to listen to native speakers while going about your day. They’re a convenient and engaging way to learn. Here are some of our suggestions for getting the most out of French podcasts and speeding up your language learning:

    1 Start with podcasts for beginners

    While this seems common sense, it actually can be a tall task. Finding podcasts aimed at beginners is crucial if you’re just starting to learn French. These podcasts usually concentrate on fundamental grammar and vocabulary and are delivered at a slower tempo, making them more approachable for individuals who are just beginning to learn the language. The “FrenchPod101” and “Coffee Break French” podcasts are two well-liked introductory French podcasts. At Bitesize French, we also love podcasts that aren’t made for learners. While they don’t focus on grammar, they are accessible for learners. Particularly, the Balades podcast. Find more beginner suggestions here.

    2 Make it a Habit

    It’s important to consistently listen to your French podcasts if you want to get the most out of them. This will help you to reinforce what you’ve learned and better retain nuances from the language. Even if it’s just for a short while each day, it will make a difference! Try to schedule some time on your calendar each day to listen to podcasts. Having a dedicated slot on your calendar will make it hard to miss and will help it become a real habit for you.

    3 Practice and Repeat

    You can learn more about the language by listening to French podcasts, but you also have to put what you’ve learned into practice. One easy way to do this is by repeating what you hear. Next time you’re listening to your favorite French podcast, speak the words and sentences you hear out loud. Language experts call this tool “mirroring” or “mimicking”. Even true beginners can benefit from mirroring. This is even more powerful when you have the transcription of the podcast in front of you, as we have for all clips on this site. As you pick up new words and phrases, try to incorporate them into daily use. This will help you to internalize the language and sound more natural.

    4 Take Note

    Make a list of any new words and expressions you hear as you listen to your French podcasts. Try using the new word in a sentence after writing down the English translation. Regularly going over your notes will aid in improving your memory of the new words. At Bitesize French, we don’t believe language learning is about memorizing vocab, however new words are a path to fluency. It is often more powerful to figure out what the word means based on its context. That’s why we prefer short clips with one or two new words.

    5 Mix and Match

    French podcasts are a fantastic method to learn the language, but you shouldn’t rely on them alone. Look for more opportunities to use your French, such as conversing with native speakers, reading books written in the language, or watching French-language films or television. This will make it simpler for you to understand the French spoken in podcasts and will aid in your overall language learning.

    6 Explore your Interests

    If you can, hunt for podcasts that explore your area of interest. For instance, find podcasts that cover French cuisine if you’re interested in French cooking. If you are interested in certain sports, search for those that match. These podcasts might not be perfect for beginners, as they’re often created for native speakers. The benefit, however, is that it will be easier to get into the content and thus learn French from podcasts, overall making it more fun.

    Make Language Learning Convenient

    Finally, listening to French podcasts is a convenient and efficient way to pick up the language quickly. By starting with beginner-level podcasts, listening to them regularly, practicing what you’ve learned, taking notes, using other resources, and finding podcasts in your field of interest, you can make the most out of your French podcast listening experience. With patience and persistence, you will be able to improve your French skills in no time.

    Why is Bitesize French the best for learning French with Podcasts?

    Our belief is also about a little bit at a time. We break French podcasts into small clips, perfect for a minute of practice. We choose podcasts that beginners can follow. All the clips on site are less than a minute long, making even challenging clips accessible. We update the site daily with new clips, making it easy to find something new and challenging every day. The short podcast clips play on repeat, giving you the opportunity to hear them over and over and practice mirroring. We make a note of our new vocab words, you can do the same in the comments section or on your own.

    Pair BitesizeFrench with your other methods that you’re currently using to learn French! Search the site for things that interest you to find clips that mention it! 

    Bitesize French will help accelerate your French listening comprehension by making French podcasts accessible to you at any level!

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