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Balades ep. 3, 44: En chemin

    Improve your ear for French with this clip from the Balades podcast. It’s 38 words in 19 seconds. Do you know how to say fairies in French?

    This clip is from Balades Episode 3. Listen and fill in what you hear below. Read more and find a translation below. Find the full podcast here.

    19 seconds, 38 words

    Press play and take the transcription quiz to practice your French listening comprehension.
    (You can use the ⋮ to adjust playback speed)

    ,. '.,, '.
    Enchemin,portentdécidentrafraîchirauberge.laissent l'extérieur.féespassent,,regardent l'intérieur.
    Enchemin,serviteursportentlitièresontfatiguésdécidentserafraîchirauberge.laissentjeunefilleà l'extérieur.Alorsféespassentlitière,toutescurieuses,regardentà l'intérieur.

    The above audio sample and transcription is from Balades ep. 3. We do not own the content. Listen to the entire episode here.

    On the way

    This story just gets better and better. I’m on the way to building this site. In short, I want it to be a powerful tool that lets you create these quizzes from any podcast in French. But we’re not there yet. On the way, yes. Not there yet. Do you ever feel like so much stops you? There are too many times that I too just see the inn by the side of the road, set down what I’m carrying and step in for a coffee.. or a lager. What keeps me coming back? Well, I’m still on the way, of course.

    If you’re just joining us as a beginner, I recommend you start with the first dfepisode of Balades. Follow along daily for new clips.

    How did you find today’s clip compared to yesterday’s clip? I tend to be most comfortable when the clip is around 150wpm. I love Balades for my current level, around A1 (hopefully progressing to A2). Hopefully you’re enjoying these clips, too. This story is fantastic and Even when there’s a fast clip, it’s still manageable. The right amount of challenge. What do you think? Join us for the next quiz.

    How are you finding these shorter snippets? I’m open to any and all feedback, as always. Let me know.

    Even with the accessibility of these clips, I still find some words fascinating. For instance in this clip I didn’t know: fées or en chemin.

    The snippet in English

    Find a translation of this snippet here, how much of this did you hear?

    En chemin, les serviteurs qui portent la litière sont fatigués et décident de se rafraîchir dans une auberge. Ils laissent la jeune fille à l’extérieur. Alors douze fées passent devant la litière et, toutes curieuses, regardent à l’intérieur.

    On the way, the servants carrying the litter are tired and decide to refresh themselves in an inn. They leave the girl outside. Then twelve fairies pass by the litter and, all curious, look inside.

    The above translation from Deepl. Source

    How do you say “fairies” in French

    Find keywords for this snippet below

    Alors douze fées passent — Then twelve fairies pass

    En chemin — on the way

    What did you love about this?

    Comment below with your feedback! Tells us what you think. Send a note or leave a comment below. We appreciate the feedback. Also, we’re always looking for partners to build this site and grow the content available.

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